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Ib Agreement Template

6. Limitation of IM Powers 6.1. The IB has no right to take any liability on behalf of the company without the prior written consent of the company;6.1.2. to publish documents (articles, letters) or write documents (articles, letters) about the company in newspapers, magazines or other magazines or on Internet resources (such as blogs, social networking websites, in forums, etc.) to help damage the positive image of the company; or 6.1.3. to provide guarantees and/or to make commitments to assert rights in respect of payments under contracts and/or agreements of the company. 14.2. Except as expressly provided, this Agreement shall apply to the exclusion of any other agreement or arrangement of any kind that relates to the subject matter of this Agreement between the Parties prior to the date of entry into force. 3. Interaction of the parties3.1. This agreement does not in any way constitute an agreement for the creation of a partnership, joint venture, agency or employer/employee relationship. The IB may only act and act as an existing customer of the company in dealings with third parties, who serves as ib and not for other functions. 7.3. The calculation formula of the IB recommendation commission is posted on the company`s website.8.

Insurance and guarantees 8.1. The GI declares and guarantees that, from the date of entry into force: 8.1.1. If it is a company, it is duly registered and exists according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which it was founded. It shall have the power and entrepreneurial power necessary to execute, provide and enforce the provisions of this Agreement and the proposed transactions;8.1.2. in the case of an enterprise, it has taken, fulfilled and implemented all necessary measures, conditions and things, including all necessary capital measures, (i) to legally conclude, exercise its rights; to perform and perform its obligations in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the transactions envisaged; and (ii) to ensure that these commitments are legally binding and enforceable.8.1.3 . . . .

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