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Housing Agreement Nus

DDP students are cordially invited to apply for accommodation at Yale-NUS College for their 5th year. Accommodation is not yet complete and is not guaranteed. If a DDP student wishes to stay on campus for their fifth year, they must participate in the Campus Room Draw process in the middle of the 2nd semester (details/data are published annually). Students cannot apply for accommodation after this process. During the 5th year, DDP students must pay the current price of accommodation, not the price that will be paid upon entry to the university. Please also note that no financial assistance is available for Grade 5 accommodation. Grade 5 seniors who have already met their 8-semestries residency requirement pay the current price of housing. If you have not completed your 8 semesters, you pay for your cohort. Students residing in NEI accommodation from AY 2020/2021 are subject to the following agreement.

Housing Agreement Demerit Point Structure (in conjunction with the Housing Agreement) CDP students are cordially invited to apply for their 5th year for accommodation at Yale-NUS College. However, only CDP students who have not graduated from Yale-NES by the end of their 4th year can apply. Check with your academic advisor if you are unsure of your status. All other housing information is the same as for DDP students (see above). Students in their 5th year at Yale`s NEI must follow the same rules when it comes to accommodation. Accommodation availability is not yet available and must be requested during the Room Draw during the spring semester before accommodation begins. Safe Management Guidelines for NUS Hostels (revised on the 21st From membership in student organizations to participation in sporting events, concerts and conferences on campus, the “NES Experience” complements with campus life. From bed and teaching in minutes, enjoy the comfort of living close to campus sports facilities, libraries and other amenities. Students who reside in NEI shelters from AY 2020/2021 are required to comply with the various safety measures (Covid-19). . .


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