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Hgv Maintenance Agreement Form

It is the operator`s responsibility to ensure that safety test sheets, driver error reports and R&M records are kept for at least 15 months. This is the bare minimum: common sense says that a full service registration from day one is a valuable plus for every truck. Operators must therefore ensure that their F&M supplier must absolutely return all documents to them: the lack of paperwork is a stain on the operator`s copy. Electronic records eliminate the risk of misplaced paperwork and vosa is accessible for the electronic collection and storage of inspection and service records, including those accessible online. However, they must contain the same information as written recordings and be free from manipulation. Whether records are kept electronically or on paper, VOSA wants to see an audit trail, so a driver`s error report must be followed by proof of the workshop`s attention and repair. Once the two-year repair and maintenance contract was concluded, he negotiated a second contract with Solway Daf, but this was used more for service and inspection than for full R&M. Does the workshop have access to all the diagnostic kits, service information and specialized tools and equipment needed to meet the standards of the franchised dealer network? The great thing about maintenance contracts is that they give you a known monthly fee that is (more or less) set for the duration of the contract. The price is normally indexed to the Retail Prices Index, with the contractual fee adjusted annually. As a rule, however, it is possible to choose a truly fixed rate, sheltered from inflation. Judging by the offers we`ve received, these probably cost between 3.5% and 6% more than a tracking RPI: this is your judgment about the destination of inflation and the added value of inflation security. According to James Ostridge, Head of Service Contracts at Mercedes-Benz UK, more than 90% of Mercedes M&M customers choose to protect themselves from inflation by setting prices.

The work can be awarded, but the responsibility for safe, legal and efficient maintenance always remains with the user of the vehicles. Leicester-based truck owner Alltruck offers autonomous R&M contracts for operators who don`t necessarily source through the company. “We offer tailor-made maintenance packages tailored to the operational requirements of our customers and their vehicles,” explains Alex Rees, Fleet Engineer. “We would try to offer competitive prices compared to manufacturers, and we would encourage a customer to enter into a repair and maintenance contract with us through preferential pricing, proactive customer management (service planning, etc.), priority/flexibility of workshop places and reservations.” As there is a Solway Daf workshop very close to Wigham`s courtyard, downtime is minimal. “Daf picks up the vehicle on a Saturday or Sunday and returns it again, and I can call someone if there`s a problem,” he says. “Daf is very good with us.” Wigham adds that comfort and quality of maintenance are a key factor in choosing the truck. In addition to the list of what is included and what is excluded, most R&M contracts offer a number of additional cost options. This is usually a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is not on the move, pickup and delivery, international breakdown insurance, after-hours maintenance, and maintenance/repair of auxiliary units such as bodies, loading walls, tires, cooling units, etc. We`ll take a closer look at them later….

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