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Services Provider License Agreement (Spla)

If your hosted application meets the definition of Unified Solution, it may be advisable to license the environment with a volume licensing agreement instead of an SPLA. Companies that own an app and host it directly with the end user without a third party being involved may not need SPLA. Self-hosting applies only if the licensee owns the business logic, content or data and provides the service under its own brand with its own intellectual property. Cases of self-hosting use can be granted with an internal volume license with external connection licenses to cover customer access. Under Microsoft`s rules, apps are only considered hosted if they are expressly authorized by Microsoft (for example. B.SQL server and Windows Server), if they are used only in combination with a unified solution, if they are the main service and/or the application and the only access point to the Unified solution and when they are transmitted through the data center to end-users via the Internet or the private network. With the help of LOL Cloud, Microsoft allows service providers to provide hosting, outsourcing and other services to avoid any prior costs, authorize budget planning, and pay only for what you use. Although commercial hosting is not defined in Microsoft`s product usage rights, there have been some indications of commercial hosting use. For example, a financial institution that provides customers with an online banking service or an online application, or a company providing a customer portal, would not require a SPLA. In general, companies that use the software as a means of selling other goods or services do not need SPLA. In addition to the example of online banking, e-commerce platforms generally do not need SPLA, because their solution is used by the end user to acquire goods and services from the licensee. If you decide that SPLA is the right solution, you need comprehensive policies and procedures for Microsoft monitoring, as they monitor you.

Scott- Scott, LLP has represented SPLA suppliers in the Microsoft Audit business since 2005. If you have questions about whether you need an SPLA or if you are defending a Microsoft SPLA audit, we can help. Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a licensing program that provides hosting to service providers and ISVs to rent or lease monthly licenses for Microsoft products and provide hosting services and applications for the end customer.

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