Lyme Preventive and Maintenance Using the Homeopathic Nosode Borrelia Burgdorferi

Borrelia burgdorferi 30c is the homeopathic nosode (derived from the tick spirochete) that  you can administer if your dog has either never been exposed to  lyme or after treating for lyme and is on maintenance deutsche filme kostenlos herunterladen. Note the potency is 30c and not 200c as is directed for lyme treatment. Directions for the Lyme (borrelia burgdorferi) Nosodes:

The lyme nosode works on the principle of a vaccine in that it exposes the dog to a tiny dose of the lyme spirochete download rust for free. It is diluted down so that it does not have side effects and does not contain any of the material of the spirochete. Please read more on the concept below download firefox — free web browser — mozilla.

Mixing instructions for dry pellets: To mix the remedy from pellet form: Tap 1 or 2 homeopathic lyme nosode (Borrelia Borgdorferi 30c) pellets into a bottle containing 4 oz amazonen serie. of purified or distilled water. Let the pellets dissolve for about 5 minutes, then shake vigorously and give the bottle a couple of thwacks on your open hand windows 10 update 1803. Give 1 dose (1/2 tsp or whatever you can draw up on an eyedropper, if you’re using an eyedropper) directly onto the tip of dog’s tongue (do not mix with food) fehler beim herunterladen der zeichenfolgen der leistungsindikatoren für dienst wmiaprpl.  Do not give food 10 minutes before or after giving a homeopathic remedy.

Dosing schedule: Give one dose each day for 3 days in a row, wait a week, then give once a week for a month tar.gz herunterladen. Then once a month during tick season.   The mixture will last about 3 weeks in the fridge and then you must clean the bottle (run through dishwasher) and prepare a new mixture video from tik tok.

The nosode is gentle enough not to have side effects and is widely known for its effectiveness. Here’s an excerpt from George MacLeod, DVM a well-known homeopathic vet from Great Britain, from his book Dog Homeopathic Remedies:

 There is a fundamental difference between conventional vaccination by injection and that using the oral route Tiptoi audiobooks for free. The former involves the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of an antigen (vaccine material) which after an interval produces antibodies in the bloodstream against the particular antigen g data antivirus kostenlos downloaden. While in most cases by this method a degree of protection against the particular disease is established, the procedure can be criticized on two grounds: 1, The defense system of the body is not fully incorporated by this means and 2, there is a risk of side effects due to the foreign nature of the protein involved in the vaccine material. This aspect of conventional vaccination has been well-documented in many species.

 Oral vaccination on the other hand gives a more solid immunity inasmuch as it incorporates the entire defense system, which is mobilized as soon as the vaccine is taken into the mouth and builds up protection with each further dose. This build-up leads on from the tonsillar tissue through the lymphatics incorporating the entire reticulo-endothelial system. This procedure is equivalent to what is known as “street infection” viz. ingestion of virus etc. during daily contact with other animals, when immunity would be built up in the same way.


A good example of the success of homeopathic nosodes was demonstrated during a lepto outbreak in Cuba recently after a hurricane swept through the country and they were in short supply of the lepto vaccine. Nosodes were instrumental in eliminating lepto. For more information, see It is a good article on the effectiveness of homeopathy versus traditional vaccination on more than 2.5 million people.

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