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What Is A Flexible Work Agreement

First, entrepreneurs and managers need to recognize that the flexibility of work regimes is not always appropriate for all individuals, jobs or sectors. For example, telework and other “flexplace” agreements can be catastrophic (or at least a productivity outlet) if used by workers who are unwilling or unable to do a full day`s work […]

Web Development Agreement

These are essentially due dates and indicators of success and generally cover both parts of the agreement. For example, the company may agree to provide branded materials, images or other digital media up to a specific date, and a development stage could be some kind of provision of a finite mobile application. The first […]

Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements Singapore

Since its inception, the NVCA Model Document project has been very successful and its model documents have reduced the costs and cycle times associated with venture capital financing. Following the success of NVCA, standardized documents have been developed in other countries for start-up venture capital investments, including in the United Kingdom under the auspices […]