Lyme Preventive and Maintenance Using the Homeopathic Nosode Borrelia Burgdorferi

Borrelia burgdorferi 30c is the homeopathic nosode (derived from the tick spirochete) that you can administer if your dog has either never been exposed to lyme or after treating for lyme and is on maintenance deutsche filme kostenlos herunterladen. Note the potency is 30c and not 200c as is directed for lyme treatment. Directions for […]

Treating Lyme with the Lyme Nosode


Directions for giving the lyme nosode treatment


The nosode treatment is generally used after the Ledum 1M treatment as the nosode lends itself to preventing lyme upon future exposure to ticks skype chip download kostenlos deutsch. For this treatment, give the lyme nosode (borrelia burgdorferi 200c (mixed according to the directions below) two […]

Treating Lyme and other Tick-borne Diseases with Homeopathic Ledum

The Ledum treatment is usually the first step in your homeopathic lyme treatment plan. If you live in a tick-infested region where your dog may receive subsequent bites, then I suggest also using the lyme nosode treatment Download 9gag video. If your dog is elderly or suffering from an ongoing chronic disease, then I suggest […]