Beware! Over-vaccination is the Norm

If your dog is under the care of a veterinarian, you probably receive post card reminders listing vaccines that are due. It’s hard to sift through the list of vaccines to figure out which vaccines are required by law and which are designed by the industry that profits from vaccines.

The only vaccine required by […]

Your Dog’s Wellness Visit — You be the Driver

What Service Does your Dog Need during the Wellness Exam? A complete physical exam to detect any obvious health issues and to provide the vet a baseline for future exams download ebook for free nu. A heartworm/lyme test. Most vets perform a 3DX or 4DX snap test to determine is your dog has a tick- […]

Dr. Dodds Minimal Vaccine Protocol

Dr. Jean Dodds, Veterinarian and Vaccine Researcher, developed a protocol that has been adopted by all 27 Vet teaching universities. Sadly, not all veterinarians have caught on because a large portion of their income is generated by vaccinations Download gta for free pc. We can’t stress this enough, you have to be your pet’s advocate […]